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Dance Theater "Fantasy" is a friendly creative team with well-established interests, goals and traditions. We all are united by unlimited love for art and loyalty to one of its components - dance.

Our team consists of more than 20 people, most of whom are  professional dancers and gymnasts of the ballet group, vocal soloists, actors of original stage genres. The work of the creative team is accompanied by remarkable specialists from other fields of activity - costume designers, sound engineers, lighting engineers, administrators, accountants and drivers.

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Nowadays "Fantasy" actively tours with solo concerts both in Western Europe and in the Republic of Belarus. We love to make people happy!


The concert program of the dance theater "Fantasy" is very diverse. Dances of different nations of the world in combination with the singing of our wonderful performers will not leave you indifferent. Together with us, you will find yourself in fascinating Chicago, in the far north, in romantic Paris, hot Spain, colorful India, ancient Egypt and, of course, you will get to the real Brazilian carnival. The Russian program will not allow you to sit on the spot: the well-known Barynya, an artful Cossack, a military dance and much more.

Our vocalist and her fascinating singing also deserve mentioning. Ksenia's vocals not only beautify, but also complement our program, creating a very special atmosphere.


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Fantasy Dance Theater – Overview

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Fantasy Dance Theater – Belarus

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Fantasy Dance Theater – Antre

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Fantasy Dance Theater – Egypt


Artistic directors and choreographers of the dance theater "Fantasy"
Igor Gorbikov is the artistic director of the dance theater "Fantasy". From 1984 to 1986 he was an artist of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the North Caucasus Military District. At the end of the service he entered the department of choreography at Moscow State Institute of Culture, and in 1987 he was transferred to Krasnodar, where he was the head of the folk dance ensemble, after the graduation from the institute he went to Brest, where he continued his work as the director (in 2004 pop dance group "Cascade" became a professional "Dance Theater" Fantasy ").
Marina Gorbikova is the chief choreographer of the dance theater "Fantasy". From 1983 to 1986 she studied at Stavropol College of Arts, graduated with the honours degree, immediately entered Krasnodar Institute of Culture (Department of Choreography). Being a student, she was in demand in such professional groups as “Cossack freemen” and the Krasnodar Music Hall. After the graduation from the institute, she went to Belarus, Brest, where she founded her amateur children’s group “Cascade”, and then the professional dance theater “Fantasy”.
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